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RV-7 Tail Kit Complete with arrow straight trailing edges.RV-10 Construction.Ross Hauck RV-7A 2004 Rocky Mntn. Regional Fly-In BEST KIT AIRCRAFT. Craig Hamm EAA Technical Advisor.CCC Inc. Wing Thing. Build any Van's wing to 1/10 of 1 degree accuracy.

Lancair IV-P/Turbine (750HP Walter) 1st flight, Carlos, Peter & Craig.Europa in assembly fixture.Professional Composite Aircraft Instruction, basic to advanced.Van's RV-10 interior controlsOshkosh Sportair Composite Workshops.



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Builder Assistance Service

Experimental kit built aircraft require experience and dedication for success.
CCC Inc. offers 13+ years of professional builder assistance.  Whether metal
such as Van's Aircraft RV-7, RV-8, RV-9, RV-10 or composite like Lancair's 360, Legacy, IV-P, IV-P/Turbine (Walter); CCC Inc has the experience you need.
Completions, sub-assemblies, minor to major repairs and personal training.

The most cost effective use of your time and money.
CCC Inc. shop rate is $35/hour

For instance...

RV-10 Fast Build Kit start to 90%*

(ready for firewall forward & panel/electrical install) 

 $33,600 / 6 months labor.

* 90% = tail, wings, fuselage & finish kits complete per plans.
Full completion available.


"Wish all first flights went this well."
- Peter Stiles ( former Lancair Pilot )


Peak Performance & Quality.

CCC Inc.
59745 Kristal Dr.
Montrose, CO 81401